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UR.BASM Festival 

29th of November – 4th of December 2016, Bucharest

UR.BASM's meaning

UR.BASM was created with the purpose of illustrating in the realest way possible the Bucharest's urban culture with a strong accent on visual arts and on music as a way of keeping the community together.

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The events organized by UR.BASM are developed in a way in which during the 5 days the urban art will be mirrored in the best way possible and the festival will become a platform in which the urban part of the city will be merged with the cultural one in order to create a unique product.

Prepare yourself to write with UR.BASM the greatest urban fairy tale of the city.

The nightly events will take place at Kran Club, GuestHouse Club, Kristal Club and Romexpo (C4, C5-C6 areas).
The main characters are:

  • Abelle
  • Acronym
  • Alex Danilov
  • Andrei
  • Alienata
  • Andrey Zots
  • Aquarius Heaven
  • Barac
  • Ben Klock
  • Borusiade
  • Cap
  • Cassy
  • Chlorys
  • Cobblestone Jazz (live)
  • Dasha Redkina
  • Detroit Swindle
  • D. Rusu
  • Dub Pistols (live band)
  • Dutu
  • Floog (live)
  • Francesca Lombardo
  • Francesco Del Garda
  • Francesco Tristano (live)
  • Fred P aka Black Jazz Consortium
  • Gaiser (live)
  • Gemini Brothers
  • Guti (live)
  • Heartthrob
  • Herodot
  • Inga Mauer
  • Ion Ludwig (live)
  • John Digweed
  • Julian Perez
  • K!d Chriss
  • Kidnap Kid
  • Kosta
  • Livio & Roby
  • Loco Dice
  • Luger
  • Maher Daniel
  • Mahony
  • Mark Broom
  • Mathew Jonson (live)
  • Mihigh
  • Mirror States
  • Moodymann
  • Moonlight Breakfast
  • Negru
  • Nick Hoppner
  • Nusha
  • October
  • Orgue Electronique (live)
  • Oscar and The Wolf
  • Paul Popa
  • Petre Inspirescu
  • Phoung Dan
  • Piticu
  • Premiesku (live)
  • Priku
  • Profet
  • Ranishe Niyaak
  • Raresh
  • Rayo
  • Romansoff
  • Sasha
  • Seuil
  • SNTS (live)
  • Sonodab
  • TC80
  • Todd Terry
  • ToFu Productions
    (Thomas Melchior + Fumiya Tanaka)
  • Vlada
  • Waldeck (live)
  • Wareika (live)
  • Xandru
  • Zendid
  • ПEГE

Digital Art

Digital art has gained more and more interest in the visual art field and the workshop dedicated to it in UR.BASM is created in order for the public to take part in a few sessions of urban live painting.

Creativity & composition and label management workshop

DJ Superstore is the only Romanian music shop destined for electronic music and during UR.BASM their headquarters will host two workshops that will certainly make some waves in the DJ community.

Urban Cycling

The heroes of urban Bucharest don’t need a horse because they are amazing on the bicycle. Pinion atelier will teach you during a few days how to transform your bike into a magical one.

Street Art

If all you know about stickers is how to glue them on your laptop or clothes, come to this amazing workshop in order to find out more.

Kinetic Sculpture

Eranio Petruska rethinks the idea of flying through a multimedia installation in which the sounds, the video-mapping and the public are bringing to life a sculpture. Feel the three-dimensional experience with Bird in Space!

Metal Sculpture

Come to see what Misha Diaconu and metal have in common at a contemporary sculpture workshop. Come to see how ideas come to life at one of the most daring workshops that UR.BASM has to offer.

Urban Lifestyle

If CazzaVillains doesn’t ring a bell to you, it is time to meet the amazing team! UR.BASM brings to you a Kendama show next to other urban surprises in which the visual art will be taken to the next level.


A graffiti show with over 10 artists invited next to a Do It Yourself area in which you can draw with some of the most amazing artists and an exposition with the final works at the end of the festival are the key ingredients in order for Bucharest to stand out as a city.

Contemporary Dance

UR.BASM and CNDB ( Bucharest’s National Dance Center) are pleased to show you two contemporary dance shows and t ogive you the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops in which you can learn how to move.


If don’t know who are the greatest b-boys from Bucharest, it is time to meet them in UR.BASM.

UR.REALITY – Micro exploration of the city

Walking through less explored areas, seeing gray neighborhoods, urban cats, vintage cars, sunsets and semi-rural zones that are in the city. This UR.BASM is also yours!

Architecture and Urbanism workshop

Come to see how Bucharest is brought to live at a workshop in which the cadastral plan of the city is built with the help of the most talented architecture students. In order to make the story complete, a special video-mapping will show you the buildings like you have never seen them before.

UR.Time Machine - Best of Bucharest then & now

UR.BASM encourages the people to use the Time Machine in case they want to travel in the world of Bucharest’s urban stories.

UR. SWITCH – Park & ride awareness

Rezistența Urbană and UR.BASM invites you to rethink the way you move in Urban Bucharest.

Labirint Gallery

A new gallery opens its doors and is inviting you to lose yourself in a maze of contemporary art.

Mural Art

UR.BASM își propune să coloreze o parte din oraș ilustrând o serie de fațade de clădiri din București cu ajutorul artiștilor urbani deja cunoscuți. Pe tot parcusul festivalului, puteți fi martorii execuției a patru calcane basmice!

There are 3 types of tickets from which you can choose:

All Days Pass

A ticket for all the festival’s events.

Location Pass

A ticket for each location that will allow you to have access at all the events from the chosen space.

Event Pass

An individual ticket for each event that will allow you access only to the chosen event.
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For the events that take place in Kristal and Romexpo you can reserve a table by calling one of the numbers below

0723795184 / 0722592550

  • Please call 9477, Ur.basm Festival reliable partner, Speed Taxi , for taxicabs to or from all Ur.basm's musical events venues.

    We are glad to inform you that inside Romexpo venue, you'll have at your disposal a Touch & GO screen provided also by Speed Taxi that will allow you to call for a taxicab as soon as possible without any operator command, your request reaching directly to Speed Taxi drivers. After touching the screen, each user will receive a voucher mentioning the taxicab number and it's arrival time.

    We kindly advise you to respect voucher numbers issued by the Touch and Go Screen in order to ease traffic from Romexpo venue to other destinations of your choice.
  • Recommended Hotels throughout the story Ur.Basm stay awaits offers specially designed for the festival participants.

    Do not hesitate to call the hotel that you like and ask for information regarding special offer Ur.Basm. Be prepared to make proof of your participation in the festival: the ticket either online or with festival bracelet, if you decide to go directly to the hotel.

    Booking a holiday with special cost Ur.Basm city-festival will be possible only through phone contact partner hotel. Each hotel will provide the requested information with the mention "code name" Ur.Basm.

    Hotel Cismigiu
    Hotel Crystal Palace
    Hotel Christina
    Hotel Christina Plus
    Hotel Duke
    Hotel Novotel
    Hotel Pullman
    Hotel Ramada & Suites Bucharest North

  • The selected restaurants throughout the story Ur.Basm awaits you with special discounts for festival participants. Mention "codenamed" Ur.Basm in the chosen location, take proof of your participation at the ticket Ur.Basm either online or with the festival bracelet. Enjoy !

    Ad Hoc Bistro
    Beraria Gambrinus
    Burger Van
    Caru’ cu Bere
    Chef's Experience
    Form Fusion
    Za Lokal