UR.Time Machine - Best of Bucharest then & now

DESCHIS Gastrobar ( Splaiul Unirii 160 )
  • Wednesday, 30th of November, 19:00 – Workshop opening
  • Schedule: Thursday, 1st of December – Sunday, 4th December from 12:00 to 00:00
Intrarea este liberă.
UR.BASM encourages the people to use the Time Machine in case they want to travel in the world of Bucharest’s urban stories.

The alternative presentations started by Cristi Radu from Rezistența Urbană in 2012 has gained more and more appreciation from the public. Forget about boring presentations! This one will walk you through old Bucharest by using a modern angle.

About Rezistența Urbană: Launched in 2007 as a blog, a community with attitude has gathered around this project. Urban and civic are two of the main areas that are explored in a conventional and non-conventional way. We believe that informed people can’t be manipulated and this is the reason for which we believe in transparency and efficiency in public administration.