UR. SWITCH – Park & ride awareness

DESCHIS Gastrobar ( 160, Splaiul Unirii street)
  • Wednesday, 30th of November, 19:00 – Workshop opening
  • Schedule: Thursday, 1st of December – Sunday, 4th December from 12:00 to 00:00
Free entrance
It takes too long to get from home to your office? Since Bucharest has expanded as a city and the number of people living here has increased, the number of drivers that are going from one side of the city to another is also getting bigger.

For many people, using the subway could substantially decrease the amount of time spent in traffic. The citizens are not motivated enough to go to the subway using other means of transportation because the infrastructure isn’t developed enough. There is a strong need of Park & Ride facilities at some of the subway entrances in order for people to leave their cars and to continue their ride with the subway.

We are seeing the big picture as an unconventional map that shows the migration from the periphery to the center of the city, the urban agglomerations, the business centers, etc. There is a strong need of increasing intermodal transportation. We believe that the quality of urban life can be made through reducing the time spent in traffic and also reducing the carbon imprint.