Metal sculpture

Misha’s workshop ( 17-19 Gherghitei street )
  • Thursday, 1st of December – Saturday, 3rd of December, between 16:00 and 21:30
Free entrance.
About Misha: ”My father was the one that put me on this track when I was little. He was very pleased to see me drawing and sketching all over the place”, says Misha, the born in Galați artist.

”Her parents always supported her although they are simple people without any connection with art. Her father asked himself if there wasn’t a high-school in the city at which his daughter could study art.

She chooses so go to college at an Art University with a specialization in the Art of Glass. She has discovered that there was also a class dedicated to metal – a material that could let her do monumental works just like the ones that she has seen as a child on the cliffs of Galați.” (source: