Kinetic sculpture

CINETic Center, Tudor Arghezi Street 3B (the back entrance of National Theater of Bucharest)
  • Thursday, 1st of December – Saturday, 3rd of December, between 16:00 – 21:30
Free entrance.
Bird in Space is a special artwork that tries to create a new way of communication between the modern man and the Brâncuși’s visionary work. The atmosphere that the project has, is inviting you to meditate towards a better mind condition. The work was created by Eranio Petruska and Daniel Bega.

Eranio is currently taking studying in order to obtain his master’s degree in TDSC from UNATC Bucharest, he studied theater acting and he wants to bring as many contemporary concepts as possible in the nowadays theater productions which he considers to be outdated.

Daniel has studied computer science, has a 9 years background in graphics and 3D animation, video and sound and he also has a great set of programming skills. He makes wonders in front of the computer and he succeeds to beautifully communicate with all the people that are watching his works.